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The ancient city was called Elath, adopted in Latin as Aela and in Arabic as Ayla is located in the southernmost part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the Red Sea coast, the center of Aqaba. About 330 kilometers south of Amman. Its population in 2015 was 148,398, the fifth largest city in the Kingdom.
Aqaba is a strategic area and the only sea port of Jordan. Aqaba has borders with the city of Haql in Saudi Arabia via the Durra border crossing, Egypt, and with the city of Eilat via the Wadi Araba crossing, both of which are located at the top of the Gulf of Aqaba. Aqaba is known as a diving area and its beaches overlooking the Red Sea.
Aqaba's location next to Wadi Rum and Petra has placed it in Jordan's golden triangle of tourism, which strengthened the city's location on the world map and made it one of the major tourist attractions in Jordan. The city is administered by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, which has turned Aqaba into a low-tax, duty-free city, attracting several mega projects like Ayla Oasis, Saraya Aqaba, Marsa Zayed and expansion of the Port of Aqaba.


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Red desert of Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts of the world. You can find here orange sand dunes, breathtaking table mountains, rock bridges and narow gorges. You can see here herd of camels. Wadi Rum is also famous for sunsets and sunrises.

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