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Local food should definitely be on your to-do-list in the seaside city.

Aqaba offers several different food options to please varying palettes.

For those wishing to try out some traditional dishes you can start with the famous Sayadieh dish, which is a celebrated Aqabawi dish of fish and flavored rice.

 Another traditional dish is the famous Jordanian Mansaf, the one dish you must try in Jordan.

Mansaf is a dish comprised of rice, lamb, and a dry yoghurt made into a sauce called jameed. It is not only one of the most beloved Jordanian dishes, but is also considered the national dish of Jordan.

For a meal on the go, we provide a tasty shawerma or falafel sandwich!

If you are a sweets lover you should try Kunafa!

Kunafa is a dessert made up of dough filaments, in addition to ghee, sugar and nuts. Confectionery is one of the most famous sweets in Jordan, it is rolling in all seasons and seasons.

For the sweet tooth, we highly recommend the Arabic pistachio ice cream, that’s a very local treat!

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